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Welcome to the IFC API Sandbox


This sandbox contains:

  1. APIs, documentation and synthetic data including:
    • Transactions
    • Accounts
  2. User interfaces (and matching REST APIs) you may use to:
    • Register yourself as a developer
    • Get API keys for your Apps
    • Discover, call and create APIs
    • Request access to Roles
    • Grant Roles to others
  3. SDKs and example apps to get you started with your own apps

A typical developer journey

  1. Register yourself as a developer:
  2. Get an API Key - this means registering a consumer app that will call the API:
    Be sure to copy the API Key and also example user credentials.
  3. Use the example user credentials from Step 2 to log on to the API Explorer and then call the APIs:
  4. Use the example user credentials from Step 2 to call the APIs from your own app or other REST client. You can use the API Explorer to request Roles if you don’t already have them. These are granted by admin members using the API Manager:

Start building your app:


Developers can use the following login details to get access to test customer accounts and dummy transactions:
(see also https://ifcsandbox-explorer.openbankproject.com/glossary#Dummy-Customer-Logins)

user_name:Robert.Uk.33, password:X!9664614a email:robert.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Susan.Uk.33, password:X!5b6825dc, email:susan.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Anil.Uk.33, password:X!41f61aee, email:anil.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Ellie.Uk.33, password:X!42ff3b28, email:ellie.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Rosalie.Uk.33, password:X!e26e9109, email:rosalie.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Chris.Uk.33, password:X!de0b53a5, email:chris.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Dennis.Uk.33, password:X!b44b40f9, email:dennis.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Jane.Uk.33, password:X!b1171035, email:jane.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Emma.Uk.33, password:X!b7fc4a34, email:emma.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Sebastien.Uk.33, password:X!4ccfa66a, email:sebastien.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Wim.Uk.33, password:X!8fb751cf, email:wim.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Simon.Uk.33, password:X!ef07efd0, email:simon.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Jean-paul.Uk.33, password:X!c913ae5f, email:jean-paul.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Elise.Uk.33, password:X!9b2f9d85, email:elise.uk.33@x.y
user_name:Eleanor.Uk.33, password:X!172c98c0, email:eleanor.uk.33@x.y


Read our FAQs for more information: